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Accelerate Your Personal and Professional Success

Professional Credibility

"Change the way you do business."

Benefits of Mentorship

"Step into your mastery and build influence and impact to achieve your success."

Be an Industry Leader 

Entrepreneurship Program who want to reach their top level

Helping you raise your average monthly revenue, build your business, making positive changes and increase your value in the marketplace. 

Sttand out and be an Industry Leader. This Powered Commitment is a specifically designed entrepreneur education, and accountability group. We want you to strive to be challenged, excel and achieve more than you think you can. LEARN MORE

Strategic Alliances and Proud Partners 


Credibility Mentorship

 5 hours of online one on one 

Supports and solutions helps Accelerate your bottom line

Powered Profit 



Powered Profit

Marketing & Sales Services 

Women's Summit

Women Summit 

Master Certified
 Civility Trainer

ICTC Member

Professional Credibility & Confidence Trainer

Industry Leaders Strategist Trainer

Golden Rule Civility 
Global Initiative

Golden Rule Civility Speakers Bureau

Golden Rule Civility
Youth Leader 

Civility Ambassador