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What are Industry Experts Saying?

During an employee training day we had Powered Profit – Powered by Jessica conduct a two-hour presentation on Boost your Credibility with Civility at Work. The workshop involved a lecturette with learner participation through group work and activities. The purpose of the workshop was to learn more tools to improve customer services and employee communications.

The results of the workshop for Canadian Blood Services are:

90% decrease in rudeness

100% Civil behaviors increase across the organization

90% Professional behavior has increased

90% Respectful behaviors and communications between staff has increased

Improved communications include listening attentively to all individuals and better improved interactions with peers.

Staff enjoyed the interactiveness of the workshop was wonderful. Staff enjoyed sharing their experiences and presenting to others. Three other benefits of the workshop are; staff are more prone to treat others how they want to be treated; more courteous interactions amongst employees, and staff appear to be more positive in the workplace.


Question: Would you recommend the workshop and why?

Cheryl Chalmers: Yes. It is an opportunity to hit the pause button in our work place interactions and focus on more positive interactions.

Cheryl Chalmers

Canadian Blood Services

Nancy Thomson



The book spoke to me most in the following paragraph. I have experienced this phenomenon myself at networking events. I have been and have sought the person in the room that you just want to connect with. I feel that believability is not something someone can falsely offer. It is in their demeanor, their posture, their expression, their SMILE and their words. Believability is credibility and in any type of sales, that is huge.

“How is it that some people are more influential, more persuasive, and more inspiring than others? How is it that they move through the room and have that "wow" factor that people are more drawn to? Individuals who are more believable tend to have more doors open to them because people will take them more seriously. Salespeople who have more believability traits tend to sell more and because they seem to attract people, business comes to them seemingly effortlessly.”

Dorothy Keizer

Professional Travel Advisor and Business Owner

Travel Professionals International

“Congratulations on another foray into establishing yourself as a recognized and respected entrepreneurial force in Canada! Your self-confidence and professionalism have paved a path to business success for you, and sharing your experience and expertise will help others to follow in your footsteps to reach higher professional and personal goals.”

My Ah-Ha sentence is ”Believability allows a business to build and maintain the crucial trust that is needed to maintain a loyal client base. Businesses should strive to have 100% of customers believing that they are going to follow through on their promises …... Following believability best practices and working to have businesses act as a trusted advisor to their customer instead of a salesperson, is one of many ways that a business can build trust and increase sales and increase their bottom lines.”

Brian P Scharfstein C. Ped (C)

Canadian Footwear Ltd. FootHealth Centres

Pedorthic Consulting Services

“Jessica is definitely believable in her understanding of success. With passion and enthusiasm, she has captured a formula for entrepreneurial achievement. With almost 50 years of business behind me, I appreciate Jessica’s fresh approach to reaching your goals. Well done!

Tracy Lamourie

President, Creative Director

Lamourie Public Relations

"There is a lot in Jessica's book that excites me - but one lesson she teaches really stands out to me. In public and media relations I am often advising my clients on how they will be viewed - and this is something I will share with them : In her first chapter, Jessica says "Research shows that if you hear information about a company from someone in a leadership position it is much more believable" than otherwise. She goes on to point out that today's audiences (whether at networking events or media consumers) tend to tune out when hearing a company extol its own attributes. As those of us working in PR know, what others say about you and your brand is by far more important than what you say yourself...and as she points out, research bears out that being kind, and ethical in dealings with customers, employees and others who have contact with you and your brand, is as important a business tactic as any taking place in the CFO's office."

"Jessica is an inspiring speaker with an extremely important message that can help elevate your business far beyond your competitors. Truly next level thinking that boardrooms need."

Brenda Hobor RN

Certified and Licensed B.A.N.K. Personality Trainer for Sales and Relationships

"Jessica is an empowering speaker on stage and now in her book “Be Believable”.

She has helped me to see the value of building credibility through developing a professional presence enroute to becoming a leader in my industry.

Her step by step blueprint is easy to understand and quick to learn with success in the five primary systems:

sales, marketing,profit,customer experience and leadership.

I would recommend every business person read “Be Believable” then practice her system for SUCCESS."

Glenn & Gwen Tewnion

President and Vice President

Certitude Enterprises

"Great read from start to finish, an absolute home run - Jessica Lorusso is a talented Writer, Speaker and Entrepreneur with a magnetic personality and who's goal is assisting other Entrepreneurs and Businesses achieve new heights. Believability is key."
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