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Social Distancing Etiquette by Jessica LoRusso, at Global News 


The Credibility Factor is Key For Leaders Today with Rob Read


Good Neighbor Etiquette at the CTV Morning News


Handshake Coronavirus Fears

With increased concerns about the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, the traditional handshake greeting might be on its way out – at least until the situation is under control.

Winnipeg etiquette expert Jessica LoRusso told 680 CJOB that some people are declining handshakes these days over coronavirus concerns, but there other options available as greetings. The important thing about greeting someone without a handshake, LoRusso said, is that you make them feel respected and valued through your body language.

“The important thing is that you really acknowledge the other person – that you validate them and you greet them the best you can.” Jessica LoRusso

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Jessica LoRusso speaks to Louisa Akasio about how your reputation accounts for 48% of your companies market share.

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Jessica LoRusso speaks to Louisa Akasio about "Be Believabile " how reputation, credibility and confidence enhances your career

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Be Believable Book Launch

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : (Winnipeg, Feb 5) “BE BELIEVABLE, WINNIPEG!” That’s what Jessica LoRusso, who has built several million dollar small businesses, says to businesses city wide. It’s a message she also brings to entrepreneurs around the world… but THIS Sunday, locals have a special treat as successful entrepreneur becomes author - with an exciting international Book Launch Party right here, on Tache avenue in Winnipeg.

Everyone who is interested in hearing this important message, and meeting the author - is invited!



Workplace Civility and Be Believable

at Health From The Hive Podcast

Episode 37 - Jessica LoRusso - Workplace Civility and Be BelievableHealth From The Hive Podcast
00:00 / 23:27

Believably In Business

Jessica LoRusso

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Jessica shared her perspective on Believability in Business. Based on the premise of her new book, Jessica will help you to position yourself as an Industry Leader in the new world of work.

Developing your believably grows you and your organization, creates a positive competitive edge, confidence, credibility, reputation and increases your profitability.

Without believably there is 100% lost opportunities. Believability is probably the most significant action that you can cultivate that will make a dramatic difference to your profitability and the overall success of your business and career as a whole. Believability attracts people to you; helps to establish likability and trust and creates more impact and influence defining you as an Industry Leader in your field.

Manitoba's Rural

Entrepreneurship Conference

OCTOBER 22, 2018 | Dauphin, Manitoba 

Manitoba Women In Trades Conference 2020

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