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Be an Industry Leader 
Business Development


Success strategies, transformational leadership, mindset and profit systems, that you can implement immediately to help boost your power, performance, and profit

It’s getting tougher

59% of Entreprenues and Professionals Say

 Running a Small Business Is Harder Today Than 5 Years Ago

Source Hubspot


This Powered Commitment is a movement of like minding entrepreneurs and professionals who are committed to their success and want to stand out and  Be Industry Leaders.  This Powered Commitment is a specifically designed business education, and accountability group with success minded individuals and assist entrepreneurs and professionals to grow their careers and businesses  We want you to strive to be challenged, excel and achieve more than you think you can.

Why Join?

Entrepreneur and professionals are having a difficult time and it's not getting easier.  There are devastating effect of failing in your business with more and more story of business demise outweighing business success.  Most entrepreneurs and professional are struggling to keep afloat. Most entrepreneurs and professionals hide their feelings of fearfulness, worry, anxiety, depression and even addiction that is ruining their mental health but also affecting those around them including their families. (Source: Samuel Edwards; The negative side effects of business failure Inc Magazine)

8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.
 A whopping 80% crash and burn

According to Bloomberg

Drive your success. To create your results follow a system of courses, seminars,  and webinars.  Be included in a powerful learning environment both in personal, development, business education and a Powered Commitment Initiative. Be part of a team of individuals who are determined to work on their success. This group sessions help you problem solve with practical experience from challenges, struggles, and roadblocks and share experiences to help you grow and avoid similar costly mistakes.

Advanced Business Tools 

Specifically designed to assist Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to create a space in the market just for themselves, who are positioning themselves as industry leaders who are dominating their industry and crushing the competition.

Industry Leader Academy Access  

 Your program is a is delivered by an online platform, webinars and possible group session, and includes over 200 videos and over 50 workbooks and support materials.  

  • Amplify Business Success Program 
  • Excellence Standard Business Success Package 
  • Master Your Greatness Business Success Package 
  • Professionalism Pays and Civility at Work 
  • Transformational Leadership  

Amplify Business Success Program

The first step to Multiply Your Business provides the momentum to help build structure and foundations to amplify your business success and identify any gaps. The Amplified Program provides foundational knowledge and an overview of business success and lays the groundwork for future programs.  

Eight Courses - See What is Included

Excellence Standard Business Success Package

Excellence Standard Business Success Package is the third step in the system and sets in motion the creation of excellence. For the entrepreneur that wants to achieve business success beyond the norm, reaching another level, outdoing the past, crush the competition.

Be distinguishable, and learn to be excellent in all aspects of your personal and professional life and as an entrepreneur and professional. Continually breaking through the glass ceilings and stretching beyond the standards that set to create the very own Excellence Standard Business Success. Learn the industry leader success strategies, to multiply business and crush the competition for to earn the financial success on your terms. Seven Courses - See What is Included 

Master Your Greatness Business Success Package

Master, Your Greatness Business Success Package, Is the second step in journey to your Industry leader success. The Master, Your Greatness Business Success Package, includes; Personal Power, You Inc, and The Believability Business System.  Three Courses - See What is Included 



Your Investment

Amplify Prices 
 Excellence Prices 
Launch   $495
Entrepreneurial  $997
 Structure $495
Operations  $997 
 Team  $495
 Sales  $997
 Development & Sales $495
Profit  $775
 Operations & Mgtn  $495
Customer $775 
Marketing Platforms $495 
Team $787
  Social Media  $497
  Website  $497
 Total $3465 
 Total $6917
Master Your Greatness
Personal Power $600 
You Inc. $997
 Be Believable $2990
    Total   $4587

Total Tuition Value  $ 11504.00   

Online Package